Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book

Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd edition, a guide created by Evan Sharboneu to help photography enthusiasts take breathtaking shots and create stunning artistic images without expensive equipment or software has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting and investigative review.

Trick Photography and Special Effects

“Evan Sharboneau’s guide is the ultimate resource for anyone who has always wanted to take or create stunning images, either for themselves or to share online, but don’t think they have the skills or the right equipment to do so,” reports Michaels. “With this guide, it doesn’t take months or years to learn how to become a better photographer—all the information is gathered in one comprehensive source.”

Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition contains 295 pages of instruction, more than 300 creative photographs from some of the most talented photo artists in the world, and a full nine hours of how-to video tutorials. The guide is a compilation of all the knowledge Sharboneau has gained through years of experimentation and research for his greatest passion of photography. In the guide, customers will learn endless tips, tricks, and strategies such as how to use household items to get spectacular visual effects, how to capture infra-red with a DSLR camera, how to capture beautiful high dynamic range landscape shots, how to shoot and edit amazing 360 degree panoramic shots, and much, much more. As an instant download product, customers can begin using the guide as soon as they purchase it online. Currently, each purchase comes with four valuable bonus guides, including Core Photography Fundamentals, Filters for Lenses and Plug-Ins for Photoshop, Introduction to External Flash, and How to Make Money with Photography. All of these materials are available for just a one-time payment of $47.

“The knowledge this guide provides is worth many times more than the initial cost,” says Michaels. “It will save both amateur and professional photographers thousands of dollars in the long run but not having to continually purchase magazines, courses, and books just to improve their skills.”

“Even better, Those who purchase Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd edition also get access to a 100 percent money-back guarantee if they’re unsatisfied with any of the information the guide provides with an eight-week period. That’s virtually risk-free.”

Benefits Of Trick Photography

  • It shows you tips on using tricks involving photography taking many people do not know. People will think that you have used Photoshop to edit your pictures, but they will be stock photos.
  • It gives the best way to use photography equipment. Some of the equipment regularly used during photography are flashlights, lenses, laser pens, tripods, and filters; this equipment help to give your pictures good quality.
  • It elaborates how a simple change in your camera settings may lead to fantastic photos during a photo session. These photos will resemble those of expensive cameras that are hard to purchase.
  • It explains tricks on how to capture infra-red lights using your digital cameras. If you master this art, you will take images mixed with fact and fantasy.
  • Trick photography shows steps to capture beautiful pictures of the High Dynamic Range of nature, also known as landscape photos.
  • It shows how to shoot and edit tricks to get 360-degree shots.
  • It shows you the secrets of combining more than one light paint. If you combine these photos, they create a type of unique art known as pseudo digital art.
  • It helps put off an invincible figure, mostly known as the “the invincible man,” and fix it in your pictures.
  • It gives tips on how to change colour settings. When you advance colour settings, things will be shown and taken in just the proper manner. It makes your picture look impactful.
  • You will learn how to decrease and freeze body motion. It makes one capture clear images using high-speed photographs and makes them look epic.
  • It shows tricks on the things you can do with your camera. The essential thing is how to focus and shoot. There is no need for special equipment or expensive software to have excellent photos.
  • Taking 3D images using your camera that most people find difficult. Most people prefer using softwares, but when you are done with Trick Photography, you will find it easy with just your camera to get 3D images.
  • It shows the all-time trick of capturing long shots with more exposure, also known as a star trail.
  • It shows you the 30-second technique, in which you will learn to change the setting of your camera to let you capture one of the most excellent pictures. They are explained in this eBook in plain and understandable English. It has been put to the test, and it takes an average of 30 seconds to do it.
  • Photo Trick gives special tips on choosing a camera with a good program scanner. A good computer scanner always produces one of the best quality pictures, which does not mean that one should go and scan their pictures.

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